Sunday, October 02, 2005

Science Fiction is Dead (or maybe just this blog)

Well, the blog seems to be dead, or at least in estivation. I think that there was something seductive about discussing fiction anonymously, and the bloggers who decided to unmask suddenly realized, hey, since everybody knows my name, why shouldn't I just post in my own personal blog?

Or something.

As for me, I've been busy with other things. And, to tell the truth, the idea of writing thoughtful, reasoned critiques of stories is a great idea, but whenever I start taking the actual time to do it, a little voice reminds me of all the other things I'm behind deadline on.

So maybe it's not wise to wake it.

In any case, most of what I've been reading recently hasn't been science fiction at all. I could comment on a couple of graphic novels, _The Rabbi's Cat_, a graphic novel by Joann Sfar,
and _One Hundred Demons_ by Lynda Barry
both of which do have sfnal content, but aren't really genre (more sui generis).

But I don't have a lot to say about them, other than that I liked them both, and wish that genre science fiction had a bit more of the raw punch of Barry, or the off-center charm of Sfar.